Terry Prather to lead Florida Council of Tourism Leaders

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Terry Prather to lead Florida Council of Tourism Leaders

Will Seccombe, President & CEO of VISIT FLORIDA, announced last week that Terry Prather, former President of SeaWorld Orlando, was appointed to serve as the Executive Director of the Florida Council of Tourism Leaders.  

The Council, which is comprised of the former chairs of VISIT FLORIDA’s Board of Directors, creates a strong network of industry experts that may be called on by the Board, the Chair or the President for their expertise and experience.  Collectively, these professionals bring to bear more than two hundred years of institutional knowledge on the Florida tourism and hospitality industry.

TerryPratherTerry’s first effort will be to conduct a strategic assessment that will identify areas of focus for the Council and develop a “Tourism Tomorrow Roadmap” to better align the Council with the 2020 Strategic Plan of VISIT FLORIDA.  

As its Executive Director, Terry will work closely with Chairman John Tomlin and members of the Council to implement the roadmap.  He will also attend industry events on behalf of the Council and serve as a liaison to business partners such as CareerSource Florida and hospitality school leadership.

In the coming weeks, Terry will be holding individual meetings with each Council member to discuss perceptions, professional aspirations, strengths, and opportunities for the Council, along with strategies to achieve the desired industry impact.  

According to Seccombe, ¨the Tourism Tomorrow Roadmap and the work of the Council will be crucial to VISIT FLORIDA’s future success and is whole-heartedly endorsed by the Board of Directors¨.